Dear Escapers, we are very proud to present you with the patch notes for hotfix to the Escape From Tarkov Beta.
This hotfix will solve some of the issues that have been raised following the intermediate patch and will be pushed live today.
We hope you enjoy all of the fixes that will make tarkov a better place for all!

  • Added:
    New Prapor quest
  • AI Improvement:
    Improved AI accuracy
  • Fixed:
    Bug that allowed bots to spawn close to players
    Several weapon exploits
    Quest bug that, when performing two item search quests in one location, caused         failure of either one or both items to appear
    Bug that reduplicated quest items in the quest stash
    Fixed bug that prevented quest from completion due to PC time settings change
    Fixed absence of gestures with knife
    Fixes on Factory location related to takedown of location part
    Several minor optimizations of Customs
    Fixed exploits at Customs
    Fixed quest icons
    Adjusted particular items spawn chances
  • Changed:
    Decreased experience gain for using medical supplies
    Increased speed of day cycle change up to x4.5

[22/09/2017 – Even more changes!]

There have been additional changes being pushed live on top of yesterdays hotfix, this will be pushed to the servers shortly.

  • Added:
    Direct Thread Mount adapter for Silencerco Hybrid 46
    Multi-caliber silencer Silencerco Hybrid 46
    Vltor MUR-1S 5.56×45 upper receiver for AR systems
    Vityaz 9×19 sound suppressing device
    Magpul PMAG D-60 5.56×45 STANAG 60-round magazine
    Two new Prapor quests
  • Fixed:
    Appearance of Vityaz SMG mechanical sight
    Corrected quest descriptions, fixed errors
  • Changed:
    Several items’ spawn chances
    Price of several items

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